This Fund has been developed by El Departamento de la Comida in direct collaboration with America For Conservation + Arts.*

Your Donation to the Puerto Rico Resilience Fund will go to help families and communities that grow local healthy food recover from the recent hurricanes, Irma & Maria, that  devastated the lives of many on this island. By supporting our local agroecological projects we are creating a ripple effect of sustainability, community wellness, and food for our islands!


Our work began within 24 hours after the disasters occurred and will continue for 24 months to accompany the recovery process of agroecological projects all over the islands of Puerto Rico.


Our goal is to help those who were affected rebuild and restore their homes, communities, environment, and lives in ways that make them stronger for not only climate change, but disaster capitalism. The fund offers some short-term assistance while concentrating on the long-term recovery of Puerto Rico’s sustainable food and farming initiatives.


We are working with several other sustainable farming groups and organizations in Puerto Rico, in order to properly assess needs and assure the fair distribution of the funds.


The PR Resilience Fund focuses its efforts on five pillars of support:


1. Seeds + Farming

2. Reforestation

3. Community Wellbeing

4. Rainwater Collection

5. Renewable Energy


If you would like to collaborate please send us an email at fondoderesiliencia@gmail.com

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*Americas for Conservation + Arts and its Latina Environmental Giving Circle, in partnership with CREA Results, El Instituto, Benitez Strategies, Diles Que Voten, Heuristica Comunicación, GreenLatinos, and the National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association have launched the Mexico (MX) & Puerto Rico (PR) Resilience Fund to help meet natural disaster-related needs and recovery in both regions. You can visit their site americasforconservation.org

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