Rainwater Collection is very important for farmers in Puerto Rico to ensure the health and wellbeing of their crops. On our islands it rains all year, rainwater harvesting allows each project to have access to free, fresh, uncontaminated water for their families and their crops.

As part of our scope of work, the Resilience Fund helps to construct and repair rainwater collecting roofs for the different food projects we visit.

Some of our farmers have lost the roof of their house, what better way to cut the bureaucracy and help them to get a roof on their head and ensure they have one of the most important elements of their food projects, water!

Each food project we visit is a unique scenario. Sometimes a farm needs a whole roof installed, sometimes only connecting the roof to a water tank, sometimes helping with piping or irrigation. We work on a case by case basis.

If you or your organization/group is interested in supporting us in the sourcing, labor, or installation of renewable rainwater collection systems please write us an email !